Transition Management

The sourcing strategy of most organisations inevitably change over time.

Transition Management is one of the most important functions in any sourcing project. Transition Management ensures that the capabilities, services, assets, people  and processes are delivered in a staged and orderly fashion to the receiving organisation.

The benefits and risks of insourcing, outsourcing or best-sourcing services needs to be considered, and any transition to a new sourcing model managed carefully to maximise commercial benefits and prevent serious business interruption.

Tomorrow’s experience managing complex transition projects is based on our proven expertise in Business Case Development, Project & Program Management, Organisational Change Management and Vendor Management.

Our independence ensures that transition projects are conducted with maximum transparency, clear accountability and active risk management.

Tomorrow enables our clients to deliver successful transition projects through;

  • Feasibility assessment and business case development
  • Defining scope, process and resource boundaries
  • Financial modeling and commercial negotiation
  • Project execution and governance
  • Managing benefit realisation and risk mitigation
  • Organisational change management and communications

Clients embarking on a transition project should consider their available expertise in commercial management, service delivery management and working in cross-cultural environments.

The most effective transition projects engage Tomorrow during the feasibility phase.

Tomorrow can assist in defining the financial case and timeline for the transition project, enabling the organisation to reach an informed decision on sourcing strategy, and execute this decision with the utmost efficiency.

Discover how Tomorrow has helped significant New Zealand organisations successfully deliver complex transition projects. Contact us on 0800 244 776.

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