Workforce Management

Research predicts 25% of the average company’s workforce will be contingent by 2012.

In an age where the “contingent workforce umbrella” is a prevalent aspect of a business’ success, it is critical for companies to gain intelligence and visibility into the spending and utilisation of their entire non-employee workforce.

The Tomorrow Managed Delivery Service with its powerful technology will support your contingent workforce program in 4 key areas:

  • Tomorrow will source, engage, induct and manage your contractor resources. We will work collaboratively to select, qualify and manage your recruitment vendors. Our program will ensure vendors have greater understanding of your business, delivering talent that is aligned to your environment and desired outcomes.

  • Tomorrow will provide the total program management including service delivery, commercial functions, governance, reporting and measurement. Tomorrow ensures that you have a predictable rate card that minimises Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Tomorrow leverages core industry frameworks and market research to collaboratively roadmap and improve your organisation’s delivery capability and increase your competitive advantage. Our experience in strategic planning and capability assessment provides a robust framework for identifying improvement opportunities.

Organisations across the globe are changing how they manage contingent labour. Now you can too.

Greater rate control and improved leveraged spend will even out your labour/category cost and reduce the financial and potential legal costs of legacy contracts and market fluctuations. Across the entire contracting pool, your exposure to risk is greatly reduced with all critical processes streamlined, documented and highly visible.

Improved Quality. With its consistent and precise personal attribute, skill and experience specification components, Tomorrow’s Managed Delivery Service further enhances the overall quality of contractor pools. The Managed Delivery Program development program facilitates higher levels of redeployment and greater retention of intellectual capital. A more knowledgeable and integrated workforce will deliver higher quality outcomes to all projects.

Management Efficiency. The Managed Delivery Service removes the contingent workforce administration overhead from your internal management team. This is not limited to the recruitment process but also includes the day-to-day performance management and administrative requirements. Your management teams will be able to focus on business and capability strategy, development of their permanent workforce and continuous improvement of your core business functions.

Cost Control and Risk Mitigation. By delivering higher levels of visibility and measurement of all aspects of the total contractor program, the Managed Delivery Service system introduces additional opportunities to increase efficiencies in core recruitment and service delivery processes. Real-time reporting ensures adherence to budgets, reducing the exposure to unforeseen costs from unapproved activity or expenditure.

Discover how Tomorrow has helped significant New Zealand organisations successfully manage their contingent workforce. Contact us on 0800 244 776.

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